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PPM Plumbing is a plumbing company that offers an extensive range of residential plumbing services in Garland, TX. From kitchen to bathroom repairs, we handle all your plumbing needs. We return the comfort and functionality of your home.

Proficient Plumbing Company in and around Garland, TX

Homeowners often face the hassle of plumbing issues, from leaky faucets to clogged drains, causing significant inconvenience. In Garland, TX, PPM Plumbing emerges as a top-tier residential plumbing company. We alleviate the stress associated with common household plumbing problems by providing efficient solutions for dishwasher repair, toilet repair, and more. Our commitment to quality and rapid response ensures a hassle-free experience.

residential plumbing services

Streamlined Home Plumbing Services

At PPM Plumbing, we offer a comprehensive approach to residential plumbing. Our services, including kitchen door replacement and kitchen cabinet repair, are tailored to address each unique challenge effectively. We prioritize efficiency, quality, and customer satisfaction, ensuring every repair or installation enhances your home’s plumbing system. Our skilled team’s attention to detail guarantees a long-lasting solution.

Comprehensive Plumbing and Gas Line Services

In addition to our broad range of residential plumbing services, PPM Plumbing in Garland, TX, also specializes in gas line installation and repair. Understanding the importance of safety and efficiency, our team is equipped to handle all your gas line needs, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Expert Backflow Device Installation and Repair

Protecting your home’s water supply is crucial. That’s why we offer professional installation and repair services for backflow devices. Our skilled technicians ensure your system is safeguarded against contamination, keeping your water clean and safe.

Diverse Plumbing Solutions for Every Need

At PPM Plumbing, we’re committed to offering a variety of high-quality services to meet every aspect of your plumbing needs. Our additional services include:

  • Cleanout Installation: Prevent clogs and ensure easy access for maintenance with our expert cleanout installation services.

  • Code Violation Repair: We’ll address any plumbing code violations, ensuring your system adheres to local regulations.

  • Water Pressure Adjustments: Say goodbye to low water pressure issues with our precise adjustment services.

  • Water Shut-Off Systems: Enhance your home’s safety with our reliable water shut off system installations.

  • Sump Pump Installation & Repair: Protect your home from flooding and water damage with our efficient sump pump solutions.

  • Flood Sensor Installation: Stay ahead of potential water damage with our advanced flood sensor installation services.

Improve Your Plumbing System Today

Transform your home’s plumbing with the comprehensive services of an exceptional plumbing company in Garland, TX. The expertise of PPM Plumbing in residential plumbing ensures every aspect of your system functions flawlessly, from water pressure adjustments to unclogging and more. Entrust your plumbing system to us. Give us a call today!

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